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Suggestions about Solitary Parenting, Dating and Kid’s Jealousy

Suggestions about Solitary Parenting, Dating and Kid’s Jealousy

I’ve a 3 year d that is old. whose dad just isn’t a section of their life. I simply recently began dating a man that is wonderful my d.s. adores. The thing is that recently whenever I spend some time with my b.f., my son becomes jealous. Really jealous. My bf and I also aren’t getting too see one another frequently & most of the time our children are with us. Usually the jealously shows it self simply with him leaping in my own lap being really possesive of me personally. Yesterday had been one of several few occasions where I’d a sitter for the night. By the right time i got home my d.s. had been asleep. This he informed me I was to never leave him at night again morning. He understands where i want in which he really likes the b.f. I simply do not know the way to handle their jealous streak. He nearly makes the day that is next nightmare together with his constant importance of attention. Does anyone understand how the transition can be made by me easier for my son?

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Just What Exactly Occurred?

I needed to thank every person for the advice. I do believe we now have were able to function with their jealousy issues. my ds now tell my bf exactly how much he misses him and therefore he really really loves him. Needless to say he “loves” everybody right now but i love seeing the way we appear to have relocated past their being upset anytime my bf shows me personally attention. (more…)

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