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Has got the Catholic Church ever opposed interracial wedding?

Has got the Catholic Church ever opposed interracial wedding?

A great refutation of homosexual wedding supporters whom state on Facebook:

Not long ago cross-racial marriages weren’t permitted, supposedly by Jesus.

should be to state, well that isn’t my church what exactly do we care, they ought to are Catholic in the first place.

Nonetheless, in the form of an L on my forehead before I bite off more than is worth chewing and get my apologetic handed back to me. Has it ever been the career associated with the Universal Church, (not merely the Honorable Rev. Bigotus) that individuals from various events must not marry or that racial purity in people is definitely a final end worth pursuing?

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The clear answer, in essence, is “no.”

In theory, there is absolutely no barrier towards the wedding of any baptized Catholic man to virtually any baptized Catholic girl, no matter competition.

This really is a concept at the very least as old as St. Paul:

For as much of you since had been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is certainly neither Jew nor Greek, there clearly was neither servant nor free, there is absolutely no male and female, for you personally are typical one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:27-28).

Evidently, St. Paul is addressing baptized Jews and Greeks here, and Baptism eliminates most of the obstacles to communion that guy commonly puts: competition, social status, and intercourse. (more…)

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